Expert line-haul


We provide expert linehaul, dedicated and specialized flatbed service throughout the country.

Customer Service

We operate an extensive network of terminals, maintenance facilities, resource teams, skilled logistics managers monitor routes and lanes, track individual loads, and direct trucks and drivers on a 24/7 basis to ensure your load gets there on time.

Industries we serve

Every industry has unique transportation requirements and challenges, we transport high-value, perishable and difficult-to-transport materials in: Agriculture, Building Products, Manufacturing, Steel, Retail and more.

Distribution Services

We enhance the agility of your supply chain and provide you with the flexibility to adapt to the rapid changes that can occur in today's complex supply chains.

Specialized Services

We can serve you with a MOFFETT truck-mounted forklift, where drivers can unload cargo without waiting for assistance. The faster change translates into better logistics and greater profitability.